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Day 6: Peter DeConti, Teacher (McCloskey)

September 12, 2012

Have you ever wanted to really do something, but never felt prepared to start? As teachers we often want to be prepared for every circumstance. Well, after a lot of over thinking I finally started something that I should have started much sooner.

My goal was to create a learning environment where students could share their learning and learn from one another through social media. To achieve this I used Edublog and Twiducate.

Through the use of Edublog, I created a class blog and student blogs where they had a means of sharing their work, knowledge and learning, while receiving feedback from their teacher and classmates. It began rather simply where students would write a blog each day on their learning. I then had them use the blog to post responses to readings before they met in their reading clubs. This allowed all the members of the club to read each others’ blogs and come to their club ready to engage in richer and deeper conversation. Now students have numerous pages on their blogs, sharing their learning and seeking feedback from others.

I also had my students use Twiducate. This works much like twitter, but it is a closed environment, where only students in my class can post and respond. This soon became an effective means of sharing information and seeking help.

As an educator I believe our role should also be that of facilitator, so that we provide students with the means to explore, inquire, learn and share. Although my students have just started down this path, I have seen the benefits as they create a larger learning community.

For the last 10 years Peter has been a grade 7 teacher at McCloskey elementary.  Peter has an interest in technology and has been involved in a number of district-wide technology initiatives. 

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