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Day 18: Tami Oudendijk (Parent)

October 1, 2012

On the 2nd day of school my kids were assigned their new teachers and classrooms.

At the end of the day my youngest daughter came out of school with her head hanging down and no spring in her step. She was put in a class without a single friend and merely just acquaintances. This happened last year as well. I was dismayed that it was going to be a tough start to the school year yet again and I talked to the principal and her teacher to alert them about her change in attitude towards school over the past two years.

Then, on the first Friday, she was playing at lunch and was tripped by a child in her class so she fell very hard on her arm and I ended up taking her to the hospital for x-rays causing her to miss a birthday party. Another blow. On the inside I was angry and upset that my child was not ready to learn because she was not comfortable with her classroom/social situation but I decided that if I had a bad attitude towards her school, she would too.

So began the job of attitude adjustment. I looked on the internet for a couple of inspirational videos about life. Basically the message they portray is that the attitude you have towards life is the life you end up with. It has little to do with wealth, or status and much more to do with how you view the world. If you choose to find only the bad in every situation, you will not have a happy life but if you choose to find an opportunity in every situation you will end up happy.

We talked about the fact that by the time next year rolls around my daughter will know almost every child in her grade. We made arrangements to have friends from last year over after school and on the weekend. She received a letter from the child who tripped her apologizing for hurting her and ruining her weekend. The kids that sit around her at school have been helping her lift her storage bin with her sore arm. She sometimes still laments the fact that her class is made up of 2/3 “annoying boys” and 1/3 girls she doesn’t really know but, overall, she talks about new kids she has met and has chosen to find something good in every day, so we are moving forward on a positive note.

This month has been a good reminder for me that it is important to remember that what you project is what your kids pick up on and how you view your situation is what it becomes.

Tami Oudendijk is a parent, blogger and advocate of new ideas in teaching and learning. She has two children in elementary school in Delta.

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  1. Mary Messer permalink
    October 3, 2012 4:27 pm

    I love this post, Tami! Thanks for sharing your positive outlook with your child and the world.

  2. Tami permalink
    October 3, 2012 6:14 pm

    Sometimes as parents we forget the “big picture” this was a good test for me.

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