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Day 26: Five Idea Friday!

October 12, 2012

Here’s our weekly roundup of interesting ideas, tools and sites!

1. WikiSeat. “WikiSeat is a platform for open source furniture design. WikiSeat aspires to share the maker experience with as many people as possible. Ranging from kids to those big kids that call themselves adults.”

2. Writing Prompts. This site has dozens of creative and engaging writing prompts for students of various ages. These include:

3. Assessment with iPads (or other tablets).  Over the last few years iPads have been increasingly making their way into schools and classrooms. As is the case with any form of technology, the challenge is to integrate tools in such a way that they enhance student learning , provide opportunities for creativity or allow students to represent their understanding in different ways. Using the tablets as formative assessment devices is one powerful way to think about this new piece of technology.

4.  MediaSmarts. The tragic event in Coquitlam this week was a reminder of the importance of safe and smart online behaviour. MediaSmarts (formally the Media Literacy Network) is a website rich in articles, lessons and resources for students, teachers and parents.

5. Learning in the Wetland. This week, one of our grade 5 classes had the amazing opportunity to participate in a three part, international webcast series on wetlands. You can read about our students’ involvement in the project here, or go the project website to get more information and watch the webcast.

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